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                           Pigmentary Keratopathy - Arthur


Some breeds of dogs, most notably pugs and shihtzus suffer from a condition whereby the cornea, which is the surface of the eye begins to darken and develop patches of pigment (it should be crystal clear and see through!). The pigment can become so opaque that vision begins to suffer, and left untreated the pet can go blind. This can happen for several reasons including irritation from nearby skin and dry eyes.

In Arthur’s case, his owners noticed his vision was deteriorating, and patches of black were developing on his corneas.


















Often in the flat-faced breeds, a fold of skin over the nose sits very close to the eyes and causes a low grade abrasion of the corneas, which then causes the corneas to pigment and become blackened.

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Arthur had this fold of skin reduced so that it didn’t sit as close to his eyes, then underwent several cycles of cryotherapy, whereby the surface of the eye is rapidly thawed and defrosted using a fine spray of freezing liquid. With lots of eye drops, lubricants and drops to increase tear production, Arthur’s corneas repaired to a beautiful clear window, and his vision is now normal.

arthur3 arthur4

Above one month after treatment

Above six months after treatment