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The term “cataract” refers to opacity within the lens of the eye. The lens should be perfectly clear in

order to allow clear vision. Chemical changes within the lens cause a loss of clarity, which would first

be apparent to the sufferer as a fogginess to the vision, followed by increasing loss of vision and

eventual blindness. To an observer, the lens becomes increasingly milky or blue coloured.


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The removal of cataract material within the lens is known as PHACOEMULSIFICATION, whereby a specialised instrument is inserted into the eye, into the lens and combines ultrasonic energy with

flushing saline and suction to break down and remove the old lens material.

A new plastic lens is then inserted into the lens capsule, the eye is flushed and the corneal incision

is sutured closed. 


All of this surgery has to be undertaken with an operating microscope and requires large amounts of specialist equipment and surgeon training and experience. 


The post-operative care is very involved for patients, as often the eye undergoes a period of glaucoma,

or high pressure within the eye, which can lead to loss of vision.

Patients often require lifelong anti-inflammatory eye-drops.

We have offered this procedure for cataract sufferers at the practice for the last 5 years. We are happy to discuss expectations and outcomes with any client. As we are a general practice (and not a referral centre), we endeavour to provide a high standard of care at a reasonable price which can restore sight to otherwise blind animals. We constantly invest in training and equipment in order to keep our service up to date. Clive Curry currently performs our cataract operations, and holds post graduate certificates in the field of veterinary ophthalmology.  We have specially trained ophthalmic nurses, Lisa Hawkins RVN (who is currently undertaking a modular course in ophthalmology) and Nicole Leighton RVN, who regularly assist Clive with his ophthalmic surgeries. Clive also undertakes cataract surgeries in other practices nationally. 

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