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                                                                   CT SCANNER                                        


Computed Tomography or CT scanning is a technique where x rays are used to take thousands of pictures in cross sections of the body. These can then be built up into a 3D image and used to create a very detailed reconstruction of the patient. This is particularly useful when looking at complicated internal structures where x-rays are unable to provide enough detail or when the problem lies under layers of different tissue or bone.


The CT scanner at Tunstall is a large investment for the Willow veterinary clinic but will allow us to offer our patients better and faster diagnostic facilities. As far as we know this is the first permanent CT scanner for small animal veterinary use in the Staffordshire area.

The vets at Willow veterinary clinic perform complex soft tissue surgery, spinal and orthopedic procedures that are rarely able to be performed in a general practice setting. The new CT scanner will facilitate the diagnosis of more complicated diseases or injuries and provide a more complete onsite service to our clients, without the need for expensive referrals.




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 Brian's CT Scan

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The first CT scan was actually my dog Brian's nose as we recently found a nasty sarcoma in his upper jaw. I removed it a few weeks ago and needed a CT to ensure surrounding area was normal.

Quite a relief, it looks clear. Well he is a mate, so what can you do? Clive



Vet CT Mouse trap :


A new bit of equipment which allows us to investigate cats and other smaller species who maybe in severe respiratory or cardiovascular distress without having to sedate or anaesthetise them first. Dyspnoeic Cats (those struggling for breath) may have a plethora of differential diagnosis which require different types of medical or surgical management. Its really important to find out what is wrong with these patents while stabilising them at the same time. Handling these patients and clipping them for radiography or ultrasound examinations or thoracocentesis can send these patients over the edge into respiratory or circulatory failure. With the Mouse Trap its possible to investigate these patients in an emergency without tipping them over the edge. This allows the Vet and Client to make informed decisions about how to proceed with the case. Examinations can be carried out while providing Oxygen therapy and intravenous support. Its been imported from the USA.