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                                       Keyhole Surgery at Willow Veterinary Clinic


Here at Willow we have decided to invest in keyhole (or laparoscopic) surgery. There is a move within the veterinary profession towards non-invasive methods and we want to be at the forefront of this. Keyhole surgery uses a camera that is inserted through a tiny hole in the abdomen and another small hole through which an instrument is introduced. Keyhole surgery has revolutionised human medicine since the early 80’s and we feel that it is time that our animals benefited from these advances.


The main thing that we will be using keyhole surgery for is bitch spays. Our new vet, Ted, has performed over 100 of these operations. He has found the surgery to be less painful, meaning that your dog will be back to normal much quicker (usually by the next day); your dog’s activity will not need to be restricted at all (compared with 10 days of rest after a conventional spay – not easy with a bouncy young dog); the surgery is less invasive (because we only have to remove the ovaries and not the uterus) and safer (because the surgical field is magnified meaning that it is easier to prevent or stop bleeding).


The equipment needed to perform keyhole surgery has been very expensive to buy so we will have to charge more compared with a traditional spay. However, for an operation such as a spay, where we are making the decision to perform a one-off surgical procedure to an animal, we think it is really important to keep up with the latest developments and offer our patients the best possible service.


 So in conclusion, keyhole surgery is:



 * EASIER POST-OP (especially for bouncy dogs or multi-dog households)





                                          For more information contact the surgery –


                                             SPAY TODAY; PLAY TOMORROW!




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Holly joins the "Keyhole Club"

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If you would like more information regarding keyhole spay please contact our surgery.

     This procedure means that your bitch will be up and running the following day

    At present Ted Cutting will be carrying out this procedure at our Endon Practice


   Freya is our latest client to join "The keyhole spay club"


The good news is that with this type of spay she will be able to get up to her usual mischief in no time, with no prolonged rest period that is required with a traditional spay. This is especially great for Freya as she is so playful and full of life!

After lots of cuddles from all our nurses we reluctantly let her owners take her home.

If you would like any information about spaying and the different options available, please give us a call during surgery hours.

Written by Claire.


Wendy Wild Freya's proud owner commented:

"She was ready to play by 9 o'clock the same night!!! You certainly wouldn't think she had just had an operation. No after effects at all x"

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