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                                                                       Spinal Surgery - Patsi


Patsi presented to us after her owners returned from holiday to find Patsi had lost the use of her back legs. She was brought to us immediately and it was obvious that Patsi was suffering from disease within the spinal cord. We had to work quickly as

spinal cases can deteriorate rapidly, and once pain sensation is lost the chances of recovery are less. Patsi underwent an emergency CT scan with contrast to localise the lesion,  which clearly showed a disc rupture with the disc material pressing into the spinal cord. Patsi proceeded to undergo a hemilaminectomy surgery during the night (where the disc material which had burst into the spinal column was removed and the pressure relieved from the spinal cord). She recovered well overnight and was comfortable and eating the next morning. Patsi started physiotherapy and over two weeks was walking normally again.


Patsi is now back to running, and her owner says she can manage to get onto the sofa again. Everyone who meets Patsi falls for her and she’s become rather famous since her appearance on BBC radio Stoke!


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