At Willow Veterinary Clinic we are proud of the multidisciplinary qualifications and experience our vets currently hold.

Please see below a list of services for which we would be happy to offer referrals, including our specialist internal medicine referrals.

Referring vets  -  please download one of the referral forms below.

Referring pet owners - please contact us directly so we can arrange an appointment.

Services and Prices Referral Team Qualifications Internal Medicine Service

We are always happy to take on referrals from vets or owners directly. We like to work with our local vets to provide supporting services such as our outpatient CT referral service.

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Services and Prices

Please see below a list of the most common services provide with guide prices. If you require something not on the list we would be more than happy to answer any questions on our referrals email . All prices are based on a 25kg dog and could vary depending on severity and complexity of the case/ condition. We will provide a full and accurate estimate before any procedures are undertaken.

Specialist Diplomat Referral Services

Internal Medicine

Vomiting and diarrhea


Hypersalivation or loss of appetite

Pancreatic diseases

Increased drinking and urination,

Recurrent urinary tract infections

Kidney diseases

Cats with recurrent lower urinary tract problems

Reproductive problems


Cushing's disease

Thyroid problems

Hormonal disease


Respiratory conditions

- Foreign body investigation (+/- extraction)

- Gastric/intestinal/colonic biopsies and investigation 

- Airway biopsies and investigation (+/-BAL)

Advanced Practitioner Referral Services

- Ophthalmology

  • - Phaco

    £2733/ £4714 Bilateral

  • - Cherry eye


  • - Conjunctival grafts


  • - Distichiasis (PTPE)


  • - Glaucoma drains


  • - Parotid duct transposition


  • - Entropion


  • - Acell Graft


  • - Algerbrush


- Neurology

  • - Hemilaminectomy


  • - Ventral slot


  • - Disc Fenestration


  • - Lubar sacral syndrome


- Imaging

  • - CT contrast studies


  • - Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy


  • - Xray series


- Soft Tissue Surgery

  • - Laryngeal tie back


  • - BOAS


  • - TECA


  • - Anal sacculectomy


  • - Lump removal


  • - Oncological dissections (excluding histopathology)


  • - Exlap


  • - Pyometra


  • - Mammary Strip


- Orthopaedics

  • - PAUL


  • - TPLO


  • - Fracture repairs


  • - Hip reduction surgical toggle


  • - FHNE


  • - Wedge Osteotomy


  • - LEAP


  • - Tibial Tuberosity Transposition


  • - Patellar Groove Replacement PGR


- Exotics

  • Initial consultation


- Other Fees

  • First opinion Consultation


  • Extended consultation (2nd opinion and referrals)


  • Out of hours consultation


  • Blood test (biochem and heamatology)

    £125.81 (£74 pre op)

All prices are based on a 25kg dog and could vary depending on severity and complexity of the case/ condition. We will provide a full and accurate estimate before any procedures are undertaken.

Referral team qualifications

Our staff currently hold certificates in the below fields.

Veterinary Diploma in internal medicine


Veterinary Advanced practitioner status

- Ophthalmology x 2

- Small animal surgery x 2

- Small Animal Medicine

- Feline Medicine

- Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care

- Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging

Veterinary General practitioner

- Neurology

- Exotics

- Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging

- Emergency & Critical care

Nursing certificates (Ncert & Dip)

- Anaesthesia x 4

- Behaviour

- Emergency and critical care

- Feline nursing

- Dentistry

- Exotics x 2

- Wound management (BSAVA Merit Award)

- Rescuer certificate (Recover)

What is the difference between a first opinion vet, advanced practitioner, and a specialist diplomat?

There are three main levels of additional veterinary qualification used in the UK.

General Practitioner certificate (GPcert & PGcert)

Vets who hold certificates in their chosen area of expertise (post-nominals Cert) have undertaken self-study and passed an exam accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Certificate is the first level of veterinary postgraduate qualification and demonstrates that clinicians are experienced in their chosen area. Most certificate holders work to a very high level in their chosen area; some will offer a first-tier referral service whilst also working as a first opinion, general practice vets.

Advanced Practitioner certificate (certAVP)

Advanced practitioner status can be applied for after finishing a veterinary certificate (post nominals certAVP). The advanced practitioner status requires the vet to pass additional learning and undertake a minimum level of international (specialist) CPD every year ensuring they are remaining up to date in their field of expertise. This is generally regarded one of the highest levels a vet can achieve in general veterinary practice without completing a diploma.

Specialist or a diploma holder (dip)

Specialist veterinary status is the highest level of recognition of expertise in the veterinary profession. Veterinary specialist / veterinary diploma holders (accredited by the European or American College; post nominals for internal medicine specialist are DipECVIM-CA or DipACVIM-CA) have undertaken intensive training, lasting a minimum of 3 years supervised closely by other board-certified diploma holders. Specialist veterinary status is extremely difficult to achieve and maintain.  Diplomates must re-accredit their status every 5 years by collecting points awarded for lecturing, research and visiting of the national or international congresses. 

Internal Medicine Service

Our medicine specialist Alenka is internationally recognised in her field and provides an independent referral service at our Tunstall practice in Stoke on Trent. This service is open for referral from your normal veterinary practice or direct referral from pet owner.

What does an internal medicine specialist do?

Internal medicine specialist, "internist" or "medic" treats wide variety of acute or long-term medical conditions. Medics will typically see your pet if your vet struggles to get on top of your pet's problems, or if you want to have a second opinion about the management of  intermittent gastrointestinal problems (vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, reflux, regurgitation, hypersalivation or loss of appetite), or if your pet had multiple surgeries for removal of foreign bodies and you are worried that the problem might reoccur. Medic will see pets with liver problems, pancreatic diseases, increased drinking and urination, recurrent urinary tract infections or blood in the urine, kidney diseases, cats with recurrent lower urinary tract problems or dogs with vaginitis or reproductive problems.  Medic will also help pets with uncontrolled diabetes, Cushing's disease, thyroid problems or any other hormonal disease as well as pets with different forms of lethargy, exercise intolerance, respiratory problems, poorly controlled cough, feline asthma or any sort of throat problem. Animals with fever that would not resolve are also among regular medicine patients. If your pet does not fall into any of these brackets, you are still very welcome to contact Alenka  and see if she can help.

How can I arrange a referral to see a medic?

Referring vets please click here to download the Medical referral form. If you would like to self refer your pet please contact the Tunstall practice directly. Once we receive your request for a referral we will request that your pet's clinical history, laboratory results and diagnostic imaging findings are emailed to us for a review. After this initial step the reception team will contact the owners directly to arrange the referral consultations.

How will my appointment with a medic look like?

After initial discussion about your pet’s problems and a thorough review of your pet’s medical, diagnostic and treatment history, Alenka will establish a further diagnostic and treatment plan.

Pets will typically be admitted for further diagnostic imaging, laboratory investigations and advanced medicine procedures. But in some instances, Alenka might just propose an appropriate treatment plan after reviewing the results of the investigations carried out by your vet.

Alenka has a full access to all range of endoscopes for gastrointestinal and respiratory endoscopic examinations. She will also regularly perform procedures such as bone marrow sampling, joint fluid sampling, feeding tube placement and treatment of aspergillosis (debridement and trephinations). Alenka also closely works with specialists from other disciplines in the area. 

Is medicine referral expensive?

Willow Veterinary Clinic has always been a strong supporter of affordable and independent vet care, the prices of our services are set in a way that enables Alenka to get to the bottom of your pet's problems and keep most of your money available for possible future treatment. Sometimes, further diagnostic work up might not even be required. The price of a first one hour consult appointment is £250 and includes a one hour face to face consultation with yourself, a thorough review of your pets history and diagnostic work up results, examination of your pet and establishing of diagnostic and treatment plan that will also be summarised in a referral letter that will be shared with yourself and your vet.

Please email the completed form, along with any patient history, to